6-8 September 2023



Ngā mihi nui | Thank you

Among the many strengths of resource management practitioners is our ability to think fast; apply our expertise to unique problems and projects; adapt to a constantly evolving regulatory framework; and take into account intensifying global pressures and national imperatives. These pressures require us to be prepared to take bold steps and plot new paths to ensure that the wellbeing of our communities, businesses and the environment can be sustained and thrive together.

The RMLA 2023 conference theme of Pivoting in Paradise/Whakatipua1 challenged our thinking on when and where we need to take a new direction, refocused our priorities and helped to adopt new approaches to achieve a more sustainable future.

Thank you for joining us in this important korero and learning what it takes to pivot in paradise.

Natalie Hampson, Maree Baker-Galloway, Liz Simpson


[1] Kai Tahu kupu for growth, future, sustainability.

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