Rethinking Resources | T┼źngia te ururua kia tupu whakaritorito te tupu o te harakeke



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The conference theme Rethinking Resources celebrated the continued and evolving relevance of resource management law in the sustainable management of natural and physical resources. As resource management practitioners, we operate in a rapidly changing world where technological advances, environmental issues and a changing society mean we have to be increasingly agile to be relevant and make a difference. The COVID pandemic has made this very clear to us all!

We explored the meaning of Rethinking Resources with a powerful group of speakers and an engaging array of workshops and fieldshops spread over two days at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre. The conference highlighted the way in which Rotorua and its surrounding communities are rethinking resources in a very practical and exciting way while navigating a careful course through and beyond COVID.

We can no longer view our resources in the traditional way, and Rotorua has demonstrated its ability to see things differently. The workshops and fieldshops explored a range of local examples of the changing context where Rotorua has moved away from a traditional focus on forestry and geothermal to embrace change.

Rethinking Resources is about rethinking how we do things, rethinking how we address the resource management issues that we face and encouraging each other to raise our game and lift our sights as we emerge into a post-COVID future.

Thank you again for joining us in Rotorua and we look forward to seeing you in Queenstown in 2023.

Chris Dawson, Dr Joan Forret and Theresa Le Bas
Conference Co-convenors